Dear Quikr Product Managers, your engagement strategy is disengaging

So one of my goals for 2017 is to go really lean and sell off things which I am not using (or already have a better alternative).
I have been selling on both Olx and Quikr – a detailed anecdotal comparison is for later, but here is a quick note to Quikr product team.
One of Quikr’s USP is engagement – it is way more engaging than others. For every offer you receive, you get a call, sms and email; and the CTA is embedded in that (for e.g. press 1 to accept the offer). But then…
Check this:

How am I supposed to act on ‘Zero’ offers? A better mailer would have been on tips to create a better ad, no?
Sometimes product teams take the engagement to a level where the user starts to disengage! Like SRK said in Dear Zindagi movie:

Genius knows when to stop.

And so do great product managers.

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  1. With my very minor experience it seems I get more responses from OLX. That being said there are a fair share of garbage offers and people who just want to get your phone#.

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