India tops traffic on Quora. Displaces US.

QnA service Quora has gained immense popularity among Indians and we earlier reported that Indians were driving 25% of traffic to the site. But things have changed now and if you go by Alexa*, Indians are actually driving 30% traffic and has displaced US from the number 1 slot.

Quora : India Traffic
Quora : India Traffic

So why are Indians so damn active on Quora?

Of all the other reasons we shared earlier (read : Why are Indians so active on Quora?), one of the major reason is Quora’s popularity among 2 rising segment : Entrepreneurs and College students (read: GMAT aspirants). And ofourse, the gyaan gurus who are willing to share all their childhood stories to jungle treks to anonymous tip-offs [hint: (ego) boost is the secret of my energy!].

For Entrepreneurs, Quora serves as a LinkedIn++, i.e. an amazing way to learn from Silicon valley entrepreneurs and find right industry connects, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

Quora’s biggest strength lies in the fact that it has managed to go beyond the startup space and has people answering questions related to different walks of life – Mahabharata to India-Pakistan currency, which have always been a topic of wider interest.

And of course, integration with Twitter and Facebook has added to the overall discovery, as Indians are quite a heavy users of these social networks.

*Alexa is gamed and you can’t trust it – but given the lack of a better (global) benchmarking alternative, Alexa definitely does a good job of understanding relative ranking.

What’s your take on popularity of Quora among Indians? Is that a reflection of the amount of ‘free time’ we have at hand?

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