Nano’s demise could be Bajaj’s rebirth : Qute, the quadricycle starts selling in Kerala and North-East India.

Bajaj Auto’s revolutionary four wheel quadricycle which came into being 6 years ago and was then pulled into various controversies by vested interests and thus languished would finally see the light of the day, next month.
Bajaj Auto dealers in Kerala and North East states have placed orders of 30 to 40 vehicles each and they would start selling the vehicle, which has been named as “Qute” from next month onwards.
Unfortunately with all the controversies it generated, Qute has been notified as a commercial vehicle and cannot be used as a personal vehicle, as it was supposed to earlier.

“Why” this story:
New category of vehicle launches have always not only revolutionised the existing industries, but also created new ones, giving economy an impetus, while providing employment opportunities to hundreds of thousands. Most notable of this example has been Tata Ace. When India is now almost running a private transport system by two companies Ola and Uber, launch of Qute could just well be another game changer.
The Perspective:
Ola and Uber like everywhere have succeeded in India due to gargantuan inefficiencies in the public transport system. While ride sharing has just been gaining some popularity, most of the time, the ferried passengers are single or couple. Launch of Qute and it’s tag as a commercial vehicle could give rise to a completely different no frills service, with operations of shorter radius. Bajaj may also launch a scheme to upgrade it’s 3-wheeler auto owners to Qute.
“What” of this story:
What if you were offered ride in a Qute, instead of a regular 3-wheeler Auto at 20% premium to former. Would you avail the service?
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