A R Rahman & Shekhar Kapur Backed Creative Social Network Qyuki Pivots

So you have Rs 27 cr in the bank. And big celebrities backing your business. Success should be easy right? Wrong.

Qyuki, the high profile “creative social network” backed by music maestro A R Rahman, film maker Shekhar Kapur and Networking giant Cisco is pivoting.

From what we know, the network never really managed to acquire users even after investing much into seeding high quality content and trying to build a community around it.

We aren’t sure what the new platform will look like. But there’s an video on the site which talks about the new Qyuki. Take a look

At the time of launch, Shekhar Kapur said

Qyuki will not be as inert as Facebook or as passive as You-Tube. We want to shepherd people’s creativity to create new films and score music collaboratively.  

Now that’s ambitious. But hey, just ambition doesn’t cut it. We don’t mean to berate their efforts, only to show practically nothing guarantees 100% success of a venture.

PS: We’ve written to Qyuki for more on this. Will update this post when we hear from them.

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