How can product businesses build empathy as a culture? How can engineers participate in growth in a meaningful way?

This week on GrowthTalkies, we bring you Raahul Seshadri, Director of Engg @WebEngage.

Raahul brings a very interesting mix of product and engg and has worked for global edtech company in the past. His workshop will cover the following topics:

The Empathy Struggle
1. Product <-> Engineering empathy for agility
2. Importance of the role of a technical architect and their characteristics – and why you need one
3. Giving a great growth opportunity to your best engineers even if you don’t seem to have “interesting” projects
4. Gradually building empathy by involving your best engineers in the “bigger picture”

Workshop Title: Building Empathy as an Engineering Culture (for high-growth product orgs) Date: Oct 3rd | 5 PM onwards.
Ideal for: Product Managers, Founders, Engg leaders

GrowthTalkies is a joint initiative by WebEngage and NextBigWhat to help founders and ProductGeeks grow sustainably.

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