Rahul Gandhi Auto Tune Video Taken Down; What the Creator Did Next Was Amazing

So the viral video that made a parody of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s speech was taken down. A message on the Rahul Gandhi Auto Tune Video on YouTube which got over 200,000 views says

Rahul Gandhi Sing…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Desi Records.

So what did the creator who calls himself ‘just a nobody’ from Illinois, do about it? He made an amazing video apology and posted it on YouTube. Take a look!

Mamu Vs Pappu

Meanwhile, Venture Capitalist Mahesh Murthy suspects that the Congress digital media team has been trying to get his post on Rahul Gandhi taken down. Here’s what his first post said

Here’s the Facebook takedown requests by (I assume) Indian National Congress agents, trying hard to do damage control on my comments about Rahul Gandhi.

They also want to take down my post saying they had asked for a takedown. 

Apparently all of these posts were “pornography or nudity”

The second post

Man this is so funny, now even my post with the Facebook screenshot of takedown requests is being asked to be taken down.

Hey idiots in the Congress, who do you have handling your digital reputation management? Do those guys also have #RaGa’s IQ?

Mahesh Murthy Take Down

With the assembly elections nearing, the take down wars have just begun. It’s going to be a few months of hard work for the folks at Facebook, Google & Twitter, who are in charge of vetting these take downs being sent by rival parties.

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