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Announcing ProductGeeks Conf Speaker: Rahul Ganjoo, Head of Products @Zomato

ProductGeeks: We are happy to announce our first speaker of the upcoming ProductGeeks Conf.

Rahul Ganjoo. 

Rahul is VP/Head of Product Management @Zomato. Also, he has earlier led products at Snapdeal and worked with Twitter product management team.

At ProductGeeks Conf, Rahul Ganjoo will share some of the hard lessons learnt building consumer products (you can also recommend your topics to him).

Rahul Ganjoo @ProductGeeks Conference [Sep 13th and 14th]

Scheduled for Sep 13th and 14th (in Bangalore), ProductGeeks Conference will bring together 1250+ product team members (founders, product managers, geeks, marketers) and is an amazing place to learn/engage and network with each other.

Date: Sep 13th and 14th
Venue: MLR Convention Center, JP Nagar (Bangalore)
Registration: You can use the widget below or purchase from conf site.
Current Discount: 40% (Use the code PRODGEEKS).
Next Ticket Price Increase: June 26th.
This is your last chance to grab tickets at such a huge discount!

You can also recommend a speaker or apply to speak.

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