Rahul Yadav Raises Funding From Bansals; Pisses Off Married People

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Rahul Yadav Raises Funding From Bansals; Pisses Off Married People

Rahul Yadav has raised funding from Flipkart’s Sachin & Binny Bansal for Intelligent Interfaces that focuses on providing tech solutions to government.

Rahul-Yadav Raises Funding From Flipkart Founders
Rahul-Yadav Raises Funding From Flipkart Founders

While Rahul wants to avoid institutional funds (for now?), he definitely pissed off a lot of married people by saying (implied) that he generally wants to avoid married people as employees as they want to go home as early as can – while single techies want to even work on Sundays!

Rahul – any thoughts on work-life balance?

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Well, Rahul remains controversial as ever!

Watch NextBigWhat’s conversation with Rahul, when he was the CEO of Housing.com (his first and last public talk as Housing CEO).

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  1. nola12345

    He is openly accepting that he discriminate while hiring. DUMB and naive .

  2. OHH my God,,, Excess of anything is dangerious…
    BEtter Rahul will setup his company in China or s.koria where ppl will keep working whole day..

    BUt remember all the big Companies came from America.. Where work and personal life are both important.
    China has only the counter fitting factories.

  3. Prashant

    he is simply an AHole

  4. Hire people who think their office work as their another family. you spend 1/3 of your time at office, 1/3 in sleeping and 1/3 with family. So, all are equally important. If you find that dedication, then you don’t end up like what you did with your previous venture. Sensible married people wont leave their families like that. Hope you understand.

  5. Almost everyone who works, works for himself and his family. So no harm if they want to go home.
    Anyway, your company.. Your decision to hire whomsoever you want. Just make sure you hire right kind of single people. Else you will be staring at people crowding around coffee vending machine and in cafeteria just because they do not have family. And these same people will be staying throughout the night 6 days a week, just to save rents. So you will just be increasing employee overheads

  6. Catapult

    Totally agree. Media & Gen-Pop should stop this – “Jo Bhi Ho, Bande mein Dum hain” – kind of propping up this guy.

  7. haha well said 🙂

  8. I agree with your comments Prateek

  9. Ajay Yadav

    Rahul a very few in this world are keeping USP tag intact, you are among them . Keep it up dear ,let the people eat their words and for that matter their so called professional thinking.

  10. sameer

    Good for him..stay single

  11. Prateek

    Actually I second Rahul regarding his comment on married man. Firstly when you are joining a startup founded by Rahul you never know when he decides to abuse an venture capitalist, or a media channel and now since he is doing a e-gov startup a politician, a buerocrate or a minister. The end result the existing investors throw him out ( He will donate his stocks to the “employees”) and the employees will be in a no man’s land like 100’s of Hou..ing.com employees). Now in this situation being single helps as you don’t have to pay EMI, kids fees and you can very well manage with some of the friends in a hostel or a shared flat. So his point is valid if you are joining “Rahul Yadav”, you should be a single.

    Few suggestions for Rahul on the new venture :

    1. Apart from limiting employment to “non married people”, make the retirement age as the date when you get married.

    2. Also have two offices ( one for males and other for females) in two different corners of the city : This would prevent employees from being in love with each other, so the possibility of employees getting married to each other can be prevented and the productive single professional can devote his entire time for “Intelligent Interfaces”

    3. Shutdown matrimony sites , new age dating tools like tinder for employees both in office and at home so as to prevent single employees from diverting their attention into personal things.

    Also expanding II to a new global HQ like North Korea would be ideal to get similar minded prospective employees.

    Next Big What:

    I have a lot of respect for founders in their 20’s in silicon valley. At the same time what i don’t like is the so called “aggressive young CEO” concept just because some people create arrogance out of foolishness and the media wants to promote as the “Next Big trend change among entrepreneurship. Entreprenuers have always been the same whether it was 100 years back or now, some are aggressive, arrogant but driven by passion ( the moment we have passion combined with foolishness that leads to Intelligent Fools like RY).

    Mediums like NBW should not popularize this foolish statements like RY which will influence the young entreprenuers in a bad way ( We all know VC’s are bad , they steal, they copy and harm you but that doesnt mean that you abuse & you will be the coolest CEO of India, it’s the passion – if RV was passionate he wouldn’t have left Ho..ing or wouldn’t even have given a controlling equity to the investors). Like discovery have discovery kids, may be NBW can publish this under “NBW Kids” a new blog so people who wanted to have some fun like faking news go there.

  12. Mrinal Krant

    Some people with money bag knew how to USE Rahul Yadav. They continue to do so.

    On his statement that married people go home early and single people work even on weekends.
    Well it is a matter of ‘engagement’ that is not found in the dictionary of tech collies. Remember all great companies have been built by married people, many married multiple times. Building a tech tool (often a copy cat) may take long weekends if you want to deliver it without taking a nap. Housing is still not a company, it is still in works and has to prove that it earn earn to feed itself. It takes time to build a company. Slow down!

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