Rail Alarm Will Alert You When You are About to Reach the Station Even Without GPS [bigMobiltyConf Demo #4]

Rail Alarm is an app which alerts you and wakes you up 15 minutes before your selected station.

rail-alarm-logoWhenever we travel by train, one of the biggest fears is sleeping and missing the station we have to get off at.

Rail Alarm by ColumbusAgain Software Technologies is an app which alerts you and wakes you up 15 kms before your selected station.

Both the Android and iOS version of the app were launched by ColumbusAgain at bigMobilityConf today.

The app does not rely on GPS, so does not drain your battery. It uses an intelligent backend system that the team has built over two years. The backend has the full railway network mapped. The app alerts users even if a train is delayed.

Rail Alarm also shows the current status of the train in Google Maps and the distance to your destination.

Definitely a must have app for all train travelers.

You can download the Android version of the app here and the iOS app here.

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