RailWisdom: Crowd Sourced Wisdom for Rail Yatris [bigMobilityConf Demo #8]

rail-wisdom-logoRail Wisdom is for travellers to share and seek information from fellow travellers taking the train. The product was built by startup RailYatri which works with the Indian Railways to provide information for passengers. The company wants to make this into a portal that will have information around more than 8000 railway stations that cover over 80% of the country.

The startup wants to connect rail passengers over the platform, which could become an online marketplace in itself.

At present the service is available only on the web, but mobile apps are scheduled to be launched in two-three weeks.

If it takes off, this could be big. Over 9 billion passengers (not unique) use Indian railways in a year. With improving mobile and wi-fi connectivity along the rail networks, imagine a marketplace connecting vendors, buyers and information seekers!

You can read our interview with Manish Rathi, the Co-Founder of Rail Yatri here.

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