Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs – Cut the Allowances

The entire education system teaches our kids to take up great jobs – right from being an engineer to doctor, lawyer and every other profession except starting one’s own venture.

It is generally considered bad to ‘get bored in school’, ‘sell stuff as a 8 year old’, ‘ask too many questions’ and you are not normal if you are suffering from attention disorders, bipolar disorders etc (oh, by the way, Entrepreneurship and Dyslexia has a linkage).

Cameron Herold, an entrepreneur since childhood (started first venture at the age of 7) shares wonderful insights

An important takeaway – Allowances teach kids wrong thing – sets an expectation of paycheck.

And before you say wow, how many of you are fine with your kids doing the same, i.e. figure out the different ways to make money? Do ‘dirty things’ that society won’t approve of?

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