Rajini Verifies Twitter..His Agency Failed to Match it up

Yesterday, super star Rajinikanth verified  joined Twitter. Or rather, his social media agency joined Twitter. Of course they didn’t forget to add the personal touch.

We used our proprietary Big Data Analytics tool a spreadsheet to keep track of how the number of followers grew (yes, we have too much time on our hands). And look what we found!

Rajini Growth

In less than 6 hours, his follower count went from under 10,000 to over a 100,000! Well, we shouldn’t be surprised should we?Now here’s the thing, it’s Rajinikanth and we expect nothing less. People were only talking about beating the Pope & the Potus.

Some people took the liberty of making it a fun occasion by cracking a few jokes. We forgive them. Heck, we might as well have a few laughs ourselves.

He’s only Tweeted once, and also a bot on the other end handled by the digital celebrity network (Fluence) which won the biggest contract of the year kept saying the same thing to over : “here’s an exclusive Kochadian poster for you.” Since you are reading this, here’s an exclusive poster for you. Now stop blaming TV channels that call everything exclusive.

What’s funny is that the agency was a bit ham handed about the whole thing. As Tinu Cherian points out, the automated tweets were quite spammy. Soon, the agency was scrambling to delete all of it.


Rajini’s Twitter appearance couldn’et be better timed. On May 9th, his animated movie Kochadaiiyaan is releasing world wide. The movie is billed as India’s first 3D motion capture film. On that note, here’s an exclusive Kochadaiiyaan poster for you.


Thalaiva, vazhuge!
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