The Magic Of 12 : #RajiniSaar And Your Chance To Win UnPluggd Ticket

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The Magic Of 12 : #RajiniSaar And Your Chance To Win UnPluggd Ticket

So why is UnPluggd happening on 12/12?

Well, there are two reasons:

  1. This is the 12th edition of UnPluggd – and our last chance to sound rhythmic (obviously, we can’t do 13/13 :D).
  2. It’s #RajniSaar’s birthday!!

So, why not mix the two?RajiniUnPluggd

While RajniSaar has asked his *devotees* to not celebrate his birthday, we thought we will still celebrate, but with a twist and let the community roll in.

What If!

What if #Rajinisaar does a tech startup? What would it look like?

Tell us and win free tickets to the UnPluggd conference (use the hashtag#RajiniUnPluggd).

The Contest Format

<Tweet> #RajiniUnPluggd

For example :  #RajiniSaar Launches A Unicorn Startup On Day Zero #RajiniUnPluggd

Prize (s)

  • User who gets Max retweet will get one unpluggd + networking ticket.
  • User whose tweet we find is funniest/whackiest one will get 2 unpluggd tickets. You can nominate 1 person of your choice.
  • 5 randomly selected tweet get unpluggd ticket.

The contest will run from 1:30 – 5 PM and you can tweet as many times as you’d like to !

Irrespective of this, just go ahead and join the fun! You can transfer your prize to others, in case you aren’t able to attend UnPluggd.


Date : December 12th.
Venue: Star convention center, J P Nagar, Bangalore (details).


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