The Rajnikanth Phone?

“The phone will carry no SIM card slot. Why? Because, Rajni Saar phone is SIMple enough! Mind it!”

The latest development in the ever surprising world of Indian gadgets is the Rajnikanth phone. No seriously? Manufactured by Karbonn Mobiles, this limited edition Rajnikanth phone (5 lakh) would be timed to match the superstar’s latest release Kochadaiyaan.
The Tamil period film Kochadaiyaan is being directed by Rajni Sir’s daughter Soundarya, and apart from the superstar the cast includes the Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and yesteryears hero Jackie Shroff.
Little is known about the phone in terms of its features, though it is expected to be affordable and feature rich. The phone would pack loads of exclusive content from the movie, in the form of trailers, behind the scenes videos along with screen savers and wallpapers. The phones will be customized to match the look and the feel of the movie along with having the superstar’s autograph on the front and the rear end of the device and would come preloaded with his famous dialogues.

The phone is expected to launch on 12th December, 2012(12-12-12), which is the date the movie releases and which coincidentally also happens to be Rajnikanth’s birthday.

This has not been the first time, when a major brand has released a device for a very niche audience. Last year T-Series, released the Bhakti Sagar phone which came bundled with religious prayers in different languages and a host of other religious content in the form of apps and games. Going along that path, followers of “The Art of Living” also released their own tablet, which comes bundled with the spiritual leader’s discourse, yoga lessons and books and other content.

What remains to be seen is, how many of these devices are actually sold? and whether this niche category of hardware with bundled content morphs into something viable for both the company and the consumers.

On a not-so-serious note, we invite our readers to share whacky ideas/features that the phone will have (“The phone will carry no SIM card slot. Why? Because, Rajni Saar phone is SIMple enough!”)

Mind it!

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