Cloud based RankWatch promises to give websites most accurate ranking & analysis

RankWatch, a Gurgaon based cloud centric rank-tracking and website analysis software firm enables SEO companies and webmasters to generates unlimited logins for its clients to see rankings of their website only.

Slipping in rankings  and traffic loss have always been on list of prime concerns for any Internet based business or webmasters. And with changing dynamics of Google algorithm and new SEO techniques getting introduced every other day, it becomes more important for online businesses, SEO firms and webmasters to keep a hawk’s eye on their rankings.

While desktop based softwares like Rank Tracker, SEO Moz and Authority labs have to be run manually every time to check rankings with major limitation of not being able to access the software or the data on multiple computers simultaneously, RankWatch, a Gurgaon based cloud centric  rank-tracking and website analysis software firm enables SEO companies and webmasters to generates unlimited logins for its clients to see rankings of their website only. With RankWatch one can track rankings for a few or millions of keyword without using any proxies, which was until now impossible to do as Google blocks multiple queries from single IP address.

Unlike other SEO tools like SEOMoz and Authoritylabs which usually takes 24-48 hours to show ranking, RankWatch’s  rank checking process starts in seconds to get instant results when SEO firm or webmasters add a new client.

How does RakWatch have an edge over other SEO tools?

– All desktop based softwares use localized IP for rank tracking which is not the most accurate way of tracking rankings, for instance – tracking rankings for a UK or US client with Indian IP is highly not reliable and is the most common cause of rank variations. However with RankWatch, one doesn’t need to worry about this as its algorithm will choose only UK IPs for UK based Search Engines and US IPs for US based Search Engines making it seemingly accurate.

– Google Local Rank Tracking: With RankWatch one can monitor their Google Maps rankings as well. This is something that none of other tools provide you.

– 100% White Label Interface & Reporting for Agencies: With RankWatch White Label Interface users don’t need worry about Reporting any more.One can have the complete RankWatch Interface live on his/her own domain in less than 5 min with no coding requirement at all

– Automated Alerts: Users can set their own custom alerts to notify themselves automatically through email.

– Don’t want to track rankings for Yahoo & Bing? No problem with RankWatch one can add single or multiple search engines of their choice.

How does it work?

The back-end of RankWatch consist of an algorithm which provides webmasters, SEO firms or website owners the most accurate results because its algorithm selects the nearest Ip depending upon location of your selected earch engine. For example, if some one is tracking then RankWatch chooses Indian IPs, Similarly for it uses UK IPs.

Speaking about future plans, Sahil Kakkar, Founder & CEO RankWatch said “We are testing a feature in beta which will suggest methods to improve ranking and help webmasters to make their sites Google proof”. At present RankWatch has 24 Paid Clients which includes clients tracking keyword between 500 to 25000 Keywords as well and around 750+ registered members.

On pricing front, RankWatch has 5 plans ranging from $ 10 per month for startups with login for local rank tracking (up to 50 keywords) and automated email support to $ 299 for large enterprise (for more on pricing click here). Currently, RankWatch is a team of 5 people and had raised seed investment of Rs75 Lakhs from friends and family and it is not looking to raise funds from external sources.

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