Google Ropes In Shahrukh Khan To Promote Google Plus In India [Too Early, Too Soon?]

To me, it seems like Google Plus is turning into a product driven by vanity-metrics (i.e. anything that goes up becomes an important metric) rather than engagement metrics.

What Is Google Plus
What Is Google Plus

We earlier covered why Google+ is Not (Yet) Close to Facebook and though the newly launched social network is able to rope in users, the engagement metrics doesn’t really stand out.
Promoting the social network will surely bring in users, but if you go by engagement metrics – all of these vanity metrics will fade away with time. The quality of engagement in G+ timeline is as good/bad as Orkut and I can bet that yours is no different.

In India, Google has roped in Shahrukh Khan to promote Google Plus and also, Google is promoting SRK’s latest movie, on Youtube (just look at the aggressive adwords campaign is running).

The only common thing across the two entities (i.e. Google and SRK) is desperation – Google Plus cannot afford to fail (and that’s why the run for Vanity metrics) and SRK needs to ensure that breaks all the records (including inspirations derived from Hollywood movies).

In short, I am not really sure if Google needs to promote Google+, unless they hit some meaningful engagement milestones. Right now, everybody (in my network) is joining Google Plus, but still conversing on Facebook. That is, there is hardly any WoM marketing happening for the product.
Bringing SRK to promote Google Plus will surely bring in mainstream adoption, but is Google+ ready for that? Do they have the engagement hooks built inside the product? The answer, so far is in the negative.

Anyways, watch this video (of SRK and Google India head, Rajan Anandan) announcing the partnership (as part of this partnership, SRK will conduct live chat on Google Plus.)

What’s your take on Google Plus’ promotions? Too early, too soon?
Aside, here is SRK’s Google Plus profile.
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