Daily: Lowest cost Raspberry Pi Now on Sale In The U.S. & Other Top Stories


Daily: Lowest cost Raspberry Pi Now on Sale In The U.S. & Other Top Stories

Daily, your everyday technology news brief is here. In today’s edition: Lowest cost Raspberry Pi now on sale In the U.S., Saudi orders telcos to ensure Skype, WhatsApp meet local laws & other top stories.


rasberry-piLowest Cost Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Now On Sale In The U.S. The Raspberry Pi microcomputer prides itself on being affordable, with its tiny $35 price-tag for the original Model B Pi. But now its lowest cost board — the $25 Model A — has gone on sale in the U.S. More here.

World’s top supercomputer from ‘09 is now obsolete, will be dismantled. Five years ago, an IBM-built supercomputer designed to model the decay of the US nuclear weapons arsenal was clocked at speeds no computer in the history of Earth had ever reached. At more than one quadrillion floating point operations per second (that’s a million billion, or a “petaflop”), the aptly-named Roadrunner was so far ahead of the competition that it earned the #1 slot on the Top 500 supercomputer list in June 2008, November 2008, and one last time in June 2009. Today, that computer has been declared obsolete and it’s being taken offline. More here.

Leaked BlackBerry Roadmap Shows Off What’s To Come. BlackBerry has taken a slow and steady release approach so far this year, with the Z10 and Q10 the only devices (that we know of) coming out in 2013. We’ve heard rumblings of other BlackBerry 10 handsets possibly coming out at some point in the next several months but, of course, nothing has been officially unveiled—the Z10 is still rolling out to areas of the world after all. But according to a leaked road map, we could see a BB10 tablet as soon as early fall, with another phablet-type handset planned for the holiday season. More here.


Angry Twitterers Are Threatening To Switch To Bing After Google Honors Labor Leader Cesar Chavez On Easter. Google’s decision to celebrate Cesar Chavez’s birthday today in its Doodle, rather than Easter, has spurred some mixed reviews on Twitter. Cesar Chavez, whose 86th birthday would be today, was a labor leader, organizer, and activist. A lot of people are so upset that they are threatening to switch to Bing. More here.


Saudi orders telcos to ensure Skype, Whatsapp meet local laws. Some Internet-based communication tools such as Skype and Whatsapp flout Saudi Arabia’s telecom laws, the regulator said on Sunday, instructing telecom operators to quickly ensure these services comply. The announcement from the kingdom’s Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) follows local newspaper reports last week that claimed the government had asked telecom companies to look at ways to monitor or block these services. Full report here.

As Crowdfunding Takes Off, SEC Greenlights AngelList’s Investment Platform. The Securities and Exchange Commission is making way for a number of startups and online investment platforms to enable startups to crowdsource investment. Early last week, Y Combinator-backed FundersClub received notice from the SEC that the agency would not pursue action against its crowdfunding platform. But it wasn’t alone: a few days later, AngelList received a similar letter from the SEC. The regulatory response came after AngelList requested its own assurance from the SEC that the agency wouldn’t pursue enforcement action against its investment platform, AngelList Invest. More here.

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