Ratan Tata To Invest In Snapdeal?

Big numbers and massive PR!

Lately, Indian ecommerce industry has been all about big numbers and massive PR. Flipkart raised a billion dollar. Amazon announced $2Bn investment in India. And now, there are news of Snapdeal raising money from Ratan Tata (apart from another rumor that they are raising $300mn in PE funding).

Ratan Tata
Ratan Tata

While his holding is unlikely to be high, its real significance would lie in the buzz it would create for the four-year-old firm. Tata has always had in interest in technology; even so, the deal, if it goes through, would mark the ultimate coming together of the old and new guard.” [via]

Snapdeal has raised $134mn funding from eBay in Feb 2014, taking the total amount of funding raised to $350mn.  earlier, Premji led $50mn investment in Myntra which was acquired by Flipkart.

What’s NextBigWhat for Snapdeal? Founder, Kunal Bahl has been extremely vocal about the over-valuation of competition like Flipkart.

Watch this chat with him.

Also, Reliance is launching its ecommerce service. That is, its raining offers for consumers.

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