Rate Everything & Make Informed Choices With Social Scoring Service Bugscore

Bugscore, the online social scoring service, allows you to score and compare any person, establishments or other products from around the world on a range of attributes, across time.

BugscoreImagine, if you had access to a platform that can rate a product, an establishment or a personality based on your experience or other attributes? And what if you could see what others think or have to say about something your are interested in before hand? Meet Bugscore, a crowd sourced social rating platform, that helps you make informed choices.

London based Bugscore, allows you to score and compare any person, establishments or other products from around the world on a range of attributes, across time. The crowd sourced rating system rates them on score ranging from 0-100.

You can score and compare celebrities, actors, politicians,  and other individuals like your friends. You can do the same for establishments like companies, restaurants, hotels, schools, colleges, etc and products like apps, vehicles, foods, gadgets, fashion, accessories, movies etc.

The service also shows you links between people, such as friends, relatives, colleagues etc. In case of products it can show you substitutes and in case of establishments, show you competitors, clients, subsidiaries etc.

You can score on the platform by simply visiting the portal or by adding the Bugscore button on your website, an easy way to be scored. Adding a button on your website can be done for free.

Signing up and creating a profile is free. Once you sign up you are automatically a part of the ‘Earn As You Bug'(EASYB) incentive program, through which you will be rewarded points everytime you add and score profiles or invite other onto Bigscore.

When you perform a search on the Bugscore website, the results displayed are based on the preferences of the people you know on the network.

According to the portal, it has more than 5000 users and about 500,000 API calls in a month. The startup plans to generate revenues through subscription access to their data-portal and ad-portal and also through sale of some of the special consumer report they plan to compile.

German industrial giant, Pfeiffer Vacuum has joined the scoring platform, listing over 800 of its products on the platform.

The service just recently launched the Personal Score Card and Score button. Soon the startup is launching Bugscore Blast and Personal Tastes Report.

The service will come in especially handy in case of establishments or products, by figuring out how well you have scored. Similarly before making a purchase, the service can help you figure out how others have score on your choice compared to the rival product.

The effectiveness of the platform will be ascertained by the reliability of its scoring database. Once this problem is taken care of, the platform should be able to succeed well, after all most of us like know what the social crowd things before making a decision.

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