Reserve Bank of India to Digitize Central Library’s Old Books & Documents

Over 1,50,000 pages of the Reserve Bank of India’s old records will soon be digitised and made available online. The digitisation is part of RBI’s effort to preserve the records and books in the central library.


The technical bidding for the digitisation of the RBI’s Central library begins today, while the date for the commercial bidding for digitisation is yet to be announced.

Records being digitised will include books, bound volumes and accession registers. The RBI has invited technical bids from companies to aid in “state-of-the-art scanning, meta-tagging methodologies” and archiving using online search and query features.

 The tender issued described the records as old, brittle and require “sophisticated handling techniques”. Issuing of tenders for the commercial and technical bids for digitisation had lasted a week between January 20th and January 27.

It is not clear if these documents will be accessible to the public on the web.

The digitisation is set to be completed within 3 months from the date of commencement said the RBI.

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