Know the real property value based on sales data using Zippserv [Real Estate Transparency]


Know the real property value based on sales data using Zippserv [Real Estate Transparency]

Zippserv has launched ‘PricePoint’, a platform for transparent pricing in Real Estate.
PricePoint is primarily for Individuals looking to buy a new property and sellers of resale-properties. It helps consumers freely access close to 20,000 property transactions in Bangalore on a google map based user-friendly interface. This feature allows the consumer to effortlessly view properties in 1 to 2 km radius with details such as super built up area, floor, number of car parks, terrace area, etc. and arrive at an idea of an accurate price fora property.
Zippserv compiles data from various sources such as government registration offices, government websites, encumbrance certificates, prevailing guidance values, etc. to compile a database of recent property sale transactions.

According to an actual government registration data “There are over 1.5 lakh registered property transactions every year in Urban Bangalore and out of these, over 40K transactions are to do with projects that are advertised in newspapers”.

PricePoint analyses all these transactions and then validates them with data based on Zippserv verified transactions. The platform also displays close to 20,000 such (similar) transactions which represents the data covering over 40% of the transactions.

Bangalore, India

Zippserv is funded by InfoEdge.

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  1. Fyter

    And how does it solve the problem of Cash? It’s an open fact that most real estate deals have 20%-25% paid in Cash which won’t be there in any official record, so the number that they would have would be understating the true price.

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