Exclusive: ZestAdz Cofounder launches Reduce Data, Secures $500K Funding

One of the challenges with digital advertisement business has been that of audience insights, especially of cross platform data. For example, if you are an advertiser buying audience across two different networks, it is extremely difficult to see the insights across these two networks. Is it the same customer viewing the same ad across the two networks? Isn’t that a media waste?reducedata

And that’s where Reduce Data comes in.

Cofounder of Mobile Ad platform, ZestAdz which was acquired by Komli, Asif Ali has launched Reduce Data, a real-time advertising analytics and optimization platform. Reduce Data enables advertisers to independently audit, track campaign performance to provide insights and actionable recommendations to help optimize campaign spends.

ReduceData Funnel
ReduceData Funnel

Headquartered in Mountain View and an office in Chennai, Reduce Data uses real-time data to track campaign flows and users through campaign funnels enabling insights such as retention post campaign, funnels and comparisons, user flows and identification of user redundancies. The ad optimization platform provides basic ad serving capability through which it tracks data at impression level at real time. Using this, an independent audit is performed to provide several standard reports to the advertiser.

Ad Optimization Platform, ReduceData
Ad Optimization Platform, ReduceData

Reduce Data enables advertisers to compare ROI (cost of acquisitions) and audit comparatively across networks or channels. What this means is that the advertisers do not need to use excel sheets (which is how small & medium advertisers and agencies do today) to measure their results.

Is it an ad server? No. The platform is built specifically for optimization and aims to on-the-fly optimization on behalf of the advertisers on tags delivered to the ad networks and DSPs.

ReduceData Funding

Including founder’s money, the company has raised $500K funding from Nat D Natraj (SVP at CA) and Darryl Jose who runs a consulting firm in Iowa.

As far as future plan is concerned, Reduce Data plans to have full support for mobile ad optimization, Facebook exchange and will integrate with third party audience data integration (Experian, Bluekai etc).

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