Google + Real time Twitter chatter = HashPlug [Real time search]

Remember real time search feature launched by Google (in partnership with Twitter)? Well, Google killed it because the deal with Twitter expired. But for those who really want to (re)marry Google search and Twitter chatter, Hashplug comes as a big relief.

HashPlug is a real time search extension for Google Chrome that integrates twitter results into Google search page in an unobtrusive manner. Clean integration of real time search results into “Google Search Page” makes it a great tool to track all the buzz around current trends like elections, hurricane, etc in real time.


Available as a chrome extension, the product is developed by Bangalore based Sunil Urs who previously worked with Alphonso Labs as a Lead Developer on “Pulse News Reader” app for Windows Phone 7.

Whether you are researching or trying to find the latest news, Hashplug is a super cool handy tool that actually brings a lot of value to Google search (which otherwise has been spammed by SEOed results).

Do give HashPlug a plug and share your feedback with the team.

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