How to Track Visitor Activity (Real Time) on Your Website?


How to Track Visitor Activity (Real Time) on Your Website?

Last time, we covered ways to understand what your site visitors are doing on the site. Taking the discussion forward, let’s get into live tracking visitor activity in terms of what content are people consuming et al, i.e. real time.

The Concept of Real Time Statistics

By real time, I mean what’s happening now! What are people consuming now? How many visitors are reading this particular blog post at this particular time etc. How many people are checking out that funky mobile phone that your ecommerce site has just featured on the homepage etc.

There are a lot of analytics tool that position themselves as ‘real time’ service, but essentially they are an aggregator of visitor activity.

Here are few tools to achieve the same – Add the javascript code and you can pretty much visualize what people are doing on your site. This tool is not an analytical tool, but is real time in the true sense of the word, real time. It will show how many visitors are on which page, IP location etc.

The biggest caveat to this tool is that all your information is visible to public, and if you want to hide that –  you need to buy one of the premium packages (which ain’t so costly).

real time website traffic

As far as tool’s utility is concerned, it’s damn useful, especially for those who are running a content portal – you will be surprised to see what sort of content is being consumed , where are people going, the long tail of content etc.


If you are a blogger and use self-hosted wordpress, Wassup is for you. The service tracks each and every visit and if you can spend a day watching visitor activity, you will gain immense insight on what people are consuming, what are they doing in your site (even spy view) etc.

The only caveat is that this is a server intensive plugin and I won’t really recommend it to those who are on shared hosting. Even otherwise, you need to be really careful with your DB performance while using this plugin.

Google Analytics

Best of them all, Google analytics provides you stats on a real time basis (just that they don’t give you distribution options like a Chrome plugin etc).

There are other services which claim to track visits real time, and as I mentioned earlier, very few fall under the definition of ‘real time’ – most of them are analytics based and can be used for a different intent.

If you know of other services which is ‘real time’, please do share.

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