Meet Plumb5, The Swiss Knife For Digital Marketeers

A lot of startups like e-commerce companies, online marketeers and other product companies try hard to leverage the internet to market or sell their product. Some of the main difficulties they face in this process are low conversion rates, low engagement and customer retention numbers.

Plumb5 a real time marketing platform, by Bangalore based Decisive Analytics Solutions, wants to help solve these problems. The platform can do Real time Analytics, Real time Engagement, Personalization, Campaign Management & social media management for its users.Plumb5

The platform has been in development for the past 2 and half years and recently got out of its beta phase.

The product is mainly aimed at e-commerce and retail companies, in order to help them better their conversion rates, customer experience and ROI’s on campaign. Along with this the service also wants to help reduce customer acquisition, marketing and resource management cots.

Some of the things you can achieve through the platform:

  • Track visitors on your website by functions like source, location, site behaviour, activity etc.
  • Measure content views of your visitors and carry out content variation tests to find customer behaviour and preferences.
  • Personalize content, based on insights, for targeted customers. For example, companies can personalise offers based on customer purchase behaviour.

  • Automatically generate forms, based on customer behaviour, to collect lead information and intent response from site visitors.

  • Start mail campaigns and automate periodic rule-based mail follow-ups.

  • Engage with customers to understand their preference, buying pattern and to get feedback.

  • Connect with customers socially to offer updates and offers.

In addition to this, the platform also offers user’s inbuilt features like hybrid chat, feedback widgets, split testing tools, click-to-call widgets, community builders, topic crawlers, brand sentiment search and omni-channel integration features.

The product will not only have to compete with others like HubSpot but also face competition from various other services in individual segments. In Terms of  ‘Real time Analytics’ it competes with services like Google Premium. For ‘Campaign Management’ services it competes with products like Marketo, Eloqua, Unica etc. For ‘Social Media Management’ services it competes with products like Radian 6, lithium etc.

By being a unified platform,with a combination of the above mentioned functionalities, Plumb5 wants to eliminate the need for companies to invest in multiple different tools, like analytics, CRM, social media tool etc. The product is available as a SAAS, pay as you go model, and it plug and play features make it easy to integrate. The company also provides support for customers through chat, phone and e-mail.

The company has more than 60 customers for the platform and more are in the pipeline.

The service offers 3 pricing plans, with the basic plan, starting from $229/month, which comes with analytics for 10000 impressions per month and mail campaigns for up to 3000 contacts. There is also an option for building a custom price plan. The company is also offering a 20% discount on annual subscriptions. You can see the detailed plans here.

In the future the platform plans to integrate features like Adwords and Website Optimization into the platform. The company also plans to incorporate their own unique Unified Stack technology (patent applied for) that will provide for non cookie based tracking.

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