Framebench brings real time collaboration for digital agencies and design firms

Startups having teams spread across the globe are not unheard of, with many a times members have met only in the virtual space fast becoming the norm. For managing documents or spreadsheets there is no better resource than Google Docs, but there aren’t great set of tools for creative collaboration.

Delhi based Framebench is a cloud based communication and feedback platform for digital agencies and creative design firms. Drawing analogy from how Google Docs function, Framebench  acts as a central workplace where creative assets can be stored and shared. Remote teams and clients can review or mark changes required on the content and even host discussions in real time (all of the changes are automatically synced  for later viewing).

The seven member startup was co-founded by BITS Pilani graduates Rohit Agarwal (CEO) and Vineet Markan (CTO) in the third year of college. They have been working on it for almost 2 years now after winning the ET-Power of Ideas competition in 2010. Framebench was also part of the 2011-12 batch of iAccelerator at IIM-A where they refined the idea and launched the cloud version.

The angel funded venture is betting big on the unique offering of their product.  In terms of the target segment, the advertising sector has been particularly keen about the Framebench owing to its ability to make changes real time and having a client ready interface. But the product is suitable for anybody dealing with visual content ranging from animation & gaming studios to UI designers.

Future plans:
According to co-founder Rohit Agarwal, as a part of their public beta launch next month Framebench will add new features to the service. Some of them being :

1. Presentation and pdf support would be added this week. They currently supported image and video support only. Audio is not officially supported right now, though users have uploaded it as a blank video and have been able to use Framebench effectively.

2. Tablet optimised webapp based on HTML5 would be extending the support for the service across all mobile devices.

3. VoIP would be added to the service to compliment the already available text based chat.

Framebench is definitely a must have for those in the design space – annotations over multimedia content allows for crisp & quick feedback, reducing the iterations taken for delivery of the final product and makes collaboration easier.

Do give FrameBench a spin and share your feedback with the team.

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