Startups Come Together to Rebuild Uttarakhand. From Aerial Drones To Online Delivery.

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Startups Come Together to Rebuild Uttarakhand. From Aerial Drones To Online Delivery.

A group of startups from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi are coming together to try and help the relief and rehabilitation efforts for the victims of the Uttarakhand floods that happened a couple of months ago.

Project UttarakhandIn June this year a cloudburst over the state of Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides that ravaged the state and brought everything to a stand still. The current situations, even though better than back in June, is still not good, and as time passes people also tend to slowly forget about the incident and relief funds also start reducing.

Today there is an chance that an epidemic that could break loose, and authorities have begun to suspect that water contamination by decaying and uncovered dead bodies might be major factor for this.

Inspite of the availability of relief medicine, food and other relief items for the victims, flood rampaged roads destroyed further by landslides and inaccessibility have made it very difficult to reach the victims.

Even relief and rescue work by helicopter are hampered due to the bad weather in the region, currently aid teams need to trek for days together to reach remote villages for distributing relief supplies.

The try and help with a lot of these issues Rebuild Uttarakhand project has brought together a group of startups from across the country to help with the efforts. The projects plans to setup a base cam in Uttarkashi, liaison with local authorities to identify and prioritize areas depending on the urgency for relief support and then sent out a team of 20-30 people to trek with relief supplies and rations to the villages. The project hopes that they will be able to maintain an effective supply chain for atleast 60 days.

ReliefUttarakhan Startups

Startups like are involved in offering drones for aerial surveillance and aerial delivery of medicines to disaster areas. Startups with an online delivery platform are helping channel in-kind donations from across the country for the relief operations. A hackathon to encourage developing web and telecom applications for disaster management and relief cam is also being planned.

You can find details about the project and how you can help the effort here.

In the past we have seen Google launch a People Finder and a Crisis Map to help victims of the flash floods. The government of Uttarakhand had also launched a search engine to help you track victims admitted in various hospitals during the floods.

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