Mobee – Receive Emails on your Mobile (as SMS) for free


We have covered push email services earlier (EmailAtMobile, SMSMyEmail (Receive emails w/o  GPRS connection), MeOnGo, MyDuniya ) and even Netcore is launching push-email service to enable emailing via sms.

Bangalore based Mobee is the newest entrant in push-mail space and enables one to send/receive emails on your mobile (via sms, i.e. without any GPRS connection).

Using mobee, one can also send attachments via the sms email – you need to upload attachment on mobee’s account, assign a 2-digit number to that and REPLY-<DOC_NUM> <EMAIL_ID> <MESSAGE> to <Number> will do the trick.

In order to receive your gmail/ymail messages on your mobile, you need to setup auto forwarding in the respective account to your mobee account – what’s really important to note is that one need not share their gmail/yahoo mail id/pwd (unlike SMSMyEmail), and can also use email program’s advanced filter to receive messages from selected individuals.

Monetization is mainly driven via paid/premium accounts (free accounts have limitation of only 10 sms a day and the same is monetized via text ads) and corporate services.

Do give mobee a spin and share your comments. Will you use it?

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