Recession & Valleywag – What’s the future of Blogging?


Recession & Valleywag – What’s the future of Blogging?

Recession will see many of your fav products/companies/blogs shutting shop/stopping their service.

The first one to join the list is valleywag – one of the most amazing blog with a great sense of humor (a personal all-time favorite) .

Though VW is not shutting down, it will be merged with (the parent company, which also owns LifeHacker) – and Owen will manage the show all by himself (with some loss of punch?) – in short, it won’t be the same again.

VW has great community, but I guess community don’t get you traffic – forget about $$s.

And that’s the challenge with any content portal/blogs – look at the big ones, they don’t read what you comment there. They don’t just care about the community – all they want is PVs.
Infact, many of them keep refreshing the page every 45 seconds (you will see more of these in the next few days) – with a definite assumption that you have no intention to comment there.

Community vs. Monetization

That’s a great debate and will continue – the best example is lack of monetization in social networks.

Community sites are still not monetized optimally and very few have been able to crack the problem (rather nobody has!).

And that’s largely because blogs are meant to have a ‘reader friendly format’, supposed to publish full feeds (how many news portal do that?) – I believe, things will change in the next few months, as we see ad pricing heading southwards – so don’t be surprise if bloggers become ‘more-like-news-sites

What’s your take? Given a choice, will you build a community portal/blog or a transactional one?

By the way, an apt observation by VW on TC:

“TechCrunch gets to pretend we don’t exist, which makes them look like a bunch of five-year-olds. Everybody wins!

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