Dhiti–Recommendation Engine that Helps Drive User Engagement

If you are a publisher, search engine referrals still rule your analytics and it’s really hard to build a sustainable user engagement in site if engagement is dependent on how frequently you refresh data.
Dhiti is a company and the team solves a very fundamental problem, i.e. of making sense of online information and providing relevant/contextual information depending on reader intent.The Bangalore based startup has launched three products catering to different user clusters.

Nuggetize for Publishers

Publishers like us need user engagement plus content discovery and that’s what Nuggetize focuses on. Nuggetize understands user intent and presents the most relevant facts fast, organized around contextual concepts. Nuggetize tools and widgets assist publishers serve different classes of visitors:

  • Landing page optimization for search engine referrals
  • Spectrum of content for the explorers
  • Brief and concise nuggets for attention-challenged readers
  • Contextual recommendations for casual surfers.

Dhiti’s widgets display nuggets and categories based on real time signals like user-stated intent, referring search query, context on the page, editorial preferences and past user behavior – all aimed to provide an insightful and relevant reading experience for users.

DriLLL.com for Consumers

Want a quick insight from any webpage, page, tweet? Try driLLL bookmark. When you are on a web page, simply click the bookmark and driLLL will present concepts/insights from the webpage.

Watch this video (which was presented at UnPluGGd2).


driLLL for your tweets. Once you signin using your twitter id, this service will give you a snapshot of concepts you are following, the most interesting tweets among the noise.


All of these products are built on top of Dhiti’s recommendation engine which analyzes content and organizes them into concepts.

While this is a Silicon Valley idea, it’d be interesting to see how the company monetizes its effort (most of the companies like outbrain haven’t been hugely successful in monetizing their recommendation engine).

Do give Dhiti a spin and share your comments.

[Dhiti is among the Startups Demoed at UnPluGGd. You can also try their widget on Pluggd.in].

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