Reddit Updates User Policy; Bans Racist r/CoonTown Community

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Reddit Updates User Policy; Bans Racist r/CoonTown Community

Reddit has introduced an updated user policy that outlines how the platform will quarantine certain communities and ban the particularly awful ones such as the infamous r/CoonTown.

Quarantined communities will not be visible to the general Reddit community, but only to members of those specific subreddits. Communities that might be considered extremely offensive to the average Redditor will be quarantined.

The r/CoonTown community and all associated subreddits were banned today. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said that the ban was exercised on the basis that such communities exist only to annoy other Redditors.

Reddit’s change in user policy comes at a time when there’s been a CEO change, a backlash from communities and a general lack of direction in the company’s running.

It is yet to be seen how Huffman’s changes go down with Reddit’s users who’ve argued that content on the platform shouldn’t be regulated in any way as they believe it’s a bastion of free speech.

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