Reddit’s Chief Engineer Bethanye Quits; ‘Lost Confidence’ In Future Direction

bethanye blount
Bethanye Blount. Screenshot from Velocity 2014

Reddit seems to have suffered another blow as yet another high profile female employee has decided to leave the company.

Chief Engineer Bethanye Blount has decided to leave Reddit after being their for only 2 months. This comes hot on the tails of the much talked about dismissal of Victoria Taylor and the departure of CEO Ellen Pao. Blount confirmed that her departure from Reddit was not because of her gender or linked to the departure of Pao but rather because she had ‘lost confidence’ in the direction that Reddit is going.

Blount felt that the company, in its recent drive to moderate and control the vast numbers of users, had left her in a position where she could not ‘deliver on promises made to the community’. She felt that the owners of Reddit were promising far too much when it came to moderation and management of the userbase.

Speaking about Pao’s dismissal, Blount felt that she fell victim to the ‘glass cliff’ – a term used in the industry denoting the practice of putting women up for failure by promoting them to leadership roles in times of crisis.

Blount worked for Facebook after the social media giant acquired her startup, MailRank, back in 2011. She now plans to launch another startup following her departure.

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