Rediff launches iShare – sleek and sexy media portal.

I haven’t been a great fan of Rediff, until I saw iShare – Rediff’s media sharing portal.
Wondering why another media portal? Well, iShare is a way too cool product which can kick ass all of the mediocre products polluting the Indian Internet market.

What’s so great about iShare?

  • Fast streaming media: Unlike products like bigadda/ibibo, Rediff is investing in the area where it matters – streaming media. How many times have you simply given up on a media portal, because of the video/audio download speed?
  • UI/Media player : Uncluttered, so far. And honestly, a very refreshing experience too (the fact that the one can embed the code in blog/site will surely help them in growing the product virally.)
  • Seed data: Rediff has atleast taken the pain of entering the seed data, but there are some goof ups too. for e.g. : Number of popular photos/top rated are 0 – which also means there are very less outside users (all the profiles so far looks “plugs”).
  • Unlimited storage space: Apart from the unlimited storage space, max upload limit for video file is 50 MB, audio is 10 MB. What also amazed me is that they have an upload tool too!; and I am sure this will help in increasing the user adoption by big numbers.

Apart from the above improvements, Rediff has added the basic social networking features too- i.e. scrap book/file sharing etc.

Only time will tell how Rediff’s iShare fares in this crowded media market (Zapak launched couple of weeks back). Also, it would be fun to see how iShare fights the big force of piracy and porn!
Do give iShare a spin and tell us what do you think of it?
Here are a couple of features that I think can make iShare damn cool:

  • Ability to create audio playlists (and share with friends or even as widgets in blogs/sites).
  • How about a desi version of
  • Ability to search across multiple media sites and get the media (little dicey)?
  • Podcast player?

(With inputs from Pratyush).

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