News: Rediff Quarterly Report, Komli Launches Pre-roll Video Advertising’s quarter ended March 31, 2010 global revenues grew 11% compared to the same quarter previous year and 5% on a quarter over quarter sequential basis. India revenues grew 18% for the quarter ended March 31, 2010 compared to the same quarter previous year and 11% quarter over quarter sequentially.

Key numbers

  • Total registered users grew 15% to 89.5 million compared to the same quarter previous year.
  • Unique user base at the end of the year ended March 31, 2010 grew by 17% compared to the same quarter previous year clip_image002_thumb[1]
  • Decline in US publishing revenues [more details]

Komli Launches Pre-roll Video Advertising

Komli has launched pre-roll video advertising platform for brand advertisers.

The video offering will provide agencies and brand marketers with world-class in-banner and in-stream video advertising capabilities. Komli had previously launched an in-banner video ad format, but with the launch of video pre-roll, Komli is now targeting the fast growing video pre-roll advertising market.

Komli’s pre-roll video ad offering is being launched with a companion ad unit that will stay fixed above the video player for the duration of the video. In doing this, the product is answering one of the key concerns of marketers by ensuring that marketers get adequate visibility for the premiums they pay for video advertising.[more]

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