Impact of Rediff Redesign – What went up? Data Speaks..

Rediff Redesign was one of the gutsy steps ever taken by any content company – i.e. to drop all the jazz and go minimal. How has the redesign impacted the site stats? Has the traffic gone up?

Rediff pushed it’s redesigned site, a few months back and the design was in all respect, the boldest ever decision taken by any content company – i.e. to go minimal and promote the ‘*broken* search box.

So what was the impact of redesign? Did it increase the pageviews? Unique Users?

Well, data does the talking.

Average page per visitor increased since July

Rediff Redesign Impact - Average Page view per Visitor
Rediff Redesign Impact - Average Page view per Visitor

Total Visits shows signs of recovery

”]rediff redesign_TotalVisits

So what has come down?
One of the most important stat (for a content portal), i.e. the number of Unique Users. The savior is that there hasn’t been any significant drop and one might expect a bounce back, now that pageviews are showing some signs of recovery.

rediff redesign_UU
Rediff Redesign Impact - Unique Users Remain Flat

So here is the question – has redesign worked for Rediff? Or are pageviews an after-effect of ‘those extra clicks’, visitors have to go through, owing to the ‘minimalistic’design?

The real-$ impact will be known in the coming months when Rediff will announce it’s quarterly report, but overall the site doesn’t seem to do too bad with the redesign.

Having said that, will the redesign revive Rediff? What’s your opinion?

*Comscore only has data available till August.

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