Rediff Redesign – Minimalistic, but Unreal? [Review]

Rediff has launched the minimalistic design (similar to Rediff Abroad) in India and before jumping into reviewing the redesign, here are a few data points for you:

Rediff’s Falling Pageviews

Inspite of all the ‘sizzling’ slideshows, overall pageviews are not going up! Infact, its headed south and has now plateaued (source: comscore*).

rediff website traffic pageviews
Rediff site traffic - Pageviews (total)

Rediff’s Unique Users Statistics

rediff website traffic unique users
Rediff site traffic - Unique User Statistics

Pretty much the same numbers as May 2008! (Must read: Have Indian Content Sites Hit the Ceiling?]

What’s drastically fallen has total minutes spent per user (data), so there has to be a big big

The Redesign

rediff redesigned site
Rediff Redesign - it useful?

The focus, as you see is on search and categories.

The bet is very simple – content game hasn’t worked (the good news is that it’s not working for others as well). Search has higher CTR (clickthrough rate) and that’s where the monetization might work for Rediff (though the search intent falls under Google’s purview!)

Having said that, Rediff’s search is actually a web search – (search for MBA shows only 3 results from rediff, including news and QnA and nothing from content) and the focus is less on own content search, something that I really fail to understand (Rediff is not a search engine, after all!)

Is the move away from content game? Maybe (more personalization? maybe)

Will search play work? Surely not (unless you have capability to beat the ‘G’ god).

What about Rediff’s applications? This is one area where Rediff has’n’t done any innovation, or even a catch-up (launched some stupid apps).

Having said that, what’s really cool about Rediff redesign is the neat homepage and cleaner layout – commendable job to the team, though I am not at all sure for how long can they they maintain the clean layout (revenue pressure).

What’s your take on Rediff redesign?

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* comscore – read top confusions in India online space

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