Rediff opens up the Developer Platform: Better Late than Never


Signs of a successful company is agility!, i.e. how quickly it can embrace change.

Rediff, I am glad to mention is opening up its verticals and user base to developers, transforming itself from a pure content portal to a platform on which other businesses can operate.

Code named ‘Sociali’, the platform will enable developers to host their apps on Rediff (iShare to be the first one), allowing users to do everything from flirting to browsing videos. And in the process also make it easy for developers to make money from their applications.

Rediff, quite lately has understood the difference between content vs. platform game and given the competition from Google (Orkut/YouTube to be specific) and Yahoo, opening up the platform is not an option anymore – it’s a necessity for them to be more relevant.

On a little cynical note, it seems as if this announcement was made in a jiffy (rediff sponsored Proto and probably wanted to make this announcement/create buzz there itself) – there are no apps live now (bad example of seeding). Moreover, API documentation (which I don’t think is complete yet) doesn’t show up anything useful.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see biggies like Rediff waking up to new era competition and realizing that content business is still dependent heavily on advertisers/publishers; and platform play is far more interesting and worthy!

What’s your opinion?

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