Reduce Data Launches Real-Time Bidding Based White Label Media Platform

reduce dataReduce Data has launched its white label platform, that will enable Ad agencies and other Ad platform companies to own their Real-time Bidding based media platform.

This new platform will be hosted & managed by Reduce Data.

Agencies can manage several sub agencies or branches, manage different advertiser accounts or campaigns all using a single user account.

Reducedata platform

All reporting within the platform is real-time and includes agency margins as set by the agency.  Agency admins can also invite fellow agency users or advertisers to manage or review reports on the self service platform.

Back in September, Reduce Data launched its programmatic advertising platform, in India.

Using this platform advertisers can buy advertising space via an auction over advertising exchanges. The auctions are conducted over an industry standard protocol called Real-Time Bidding.

Started by ZestAdz cofounder, Reduce Data raised angel funding last year.

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