Reebok ‘Seriously Thinking’ of Entering Ecommerce in India

Adidas owned brand Reebok is planning to open an e-commerce store in India. Erick Haskell, Managing Director of Adidas India, recently told a business daily that the company wants to tap into growing market e-commerce market in India.

“We are looking at other opportunities and giving e-commerce a serious thought. We’re doing a fairly decent e-commerce business right now through some of the largest portals in India. That has made us look at the possibility of starting our own e-commerce platform in India,” Haskell told Business Standard.Reebok

Haskell feels that, as far as e-commerce market is concerned, logistically things are improving in the country but on the regulatory front the government must relook  into FDI reforms and include e-commerce in it.

In September this year, the Indian government under fire for holding back on the FDI reforms, said that it is now planning to re-look at allowing foreign direct investments into e-commerce.

Other e-commerce companies also have been waiting for the FDI reforms to enter the Indian market.

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