Entrepreneur’s back ache dream!

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Entrepreneur’s back ache dream!

Mr. Entrepreneur – given a choice, what kinda product/service will you build? Cutting edge web-based product, which like 1000s of others which claim to ‘change the way we surf the web’? And end up being just another noisy stuff?

Or something which will solve the real pain, pain in the a**? I mean a little above – i.e. pain in the lower back?

Well, Wharton School organized a business plan competition and the winning team’s business plan was a not a web n.0 stuff, but the team plans to design, develop and market a new patented treatment for lower back pain!

Their business idea, for people suffering from degenerative disc disease, would offer patients an injectable treatment that would be far less invasive and debilitating than surgery.
The self-hardening solution, called RejuvaDisc, gets injected through a small needle into the center of the disc in the patient’s back.

Imagine such a product being rolled out in the growing *back-ache* market in India:

Over 50 per cent of schoolchildren in Chennai (Medline) were found to be in chronic pain due to carrying heavy backpacks

— Dr. Deepak Sharan, a well known RSI specialist!

Isn’t there a need for similar product in the Indian market [target segment = IT crowd?]
VCs? Will you fund this?

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