Relationship woes – Men lose weight while Women adds fleshhhh

All ye couples – the two of you are having a good time with each other! But did you realize that the lady is adding more flesh while the man (poor guy) is losing weight?

“Research from Newcastle University over in the U.K. shows that men tend to lose weight when they live with a woman, whereas women tend to gain weight when in that living arrangement.
They came across this discovery after reviewing previously published data on the influence that live-in partners have on each other with respect to eating habits. They found that guys tend to follow a more healthy diet, while their better halves tend to eat less healthy than they did prior to moving in. [link]”

Though the research doesn’t highlight the reasons behind this, I guess it could be either of these:

  • Girls, in general get more relaxed while they are in a relationship and start enjoying the fruits of relationship, or
  • Is it that they are way too insecured which leads to depression which leads to eating more?

What could be the reason for men to lose weight?

  • They might get bored of the partner and wanna stay competitive to attract the better better-halves? slurp..slurp.., 😉 or,
  • Is it that they are way too bored of the relationship and haven’t got better things to do?

I dunno – Maybe somebody can throw some weight..I mean light on this piece of puzzle?

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