ReleasePage : Create beautiful pages for your software releases

ReleasePage allows you to create beautiful webpages to publish the latest releases of your software.

Location : Berlin
Notes from the founder
Hello, my name is James, co-founder of ReleasePage.
We have worked at startups building SaaS products, and a big pain point we both encountered was how to notify users when there was a new software release, and how to provide the list of changes in the new version. GitHub helpfully provides us with ‘GitHub Releases’, allowing us to track software changes easily, however this is decidedly developer focused. ReleasePage seeks to fill the gap between your source code and user base.
We are currently in Open Beta and are looking for general feedback on design, user-experience, usage and anything else – or just come for a chat ?
We are also offering a lifetime discount for all beta users, so get it while you can!

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