Reliance Launches BigMaps on it’s GSM network

Reliance has launched BigMaps, local business search service on it’s GSM network.

Reliance has launched it’s local search service, BigMaps on it’s GSM network and claims 20+ Mn geoc-coded buildings across India. The service, available only to RCom users (and not on the website) intends to offer maps data across 15 zoom levels and real time landmark based routing.

What’s interesting to note is that Reliance is also working on MapMaker tool (on the lines of Google MapMaker?) that will enable user participation and in turn, will enrich the data quality.

If you are a Reliance user, please share your feedback/review of Bigmaps and do tell us whether it lives upto the stated numbers/data expectation.

Also, check this interesting discussion on BigMaps.

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