Reliance Games Acquires Mobile Game Development and Publishing Companies in Japan & Korea

Reliance Big Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, part of the ADAG Reliance group has announced today that RELIANCE GAMES, its international mobile gaming business, in a bid to expand its global presence has made a strategic entry into the key gaming destinations in the world – Japan and Korea. The company has announced the acquisition of a mobile game development and publishing company in Japan and a mobile game development studio in Korea, thereby augmenting its footprint in the global mobile gaming industry.reliancegames

The Japanese and Korean business set-ups give Reliance Games direct access to the two largest mobile gaming markets known to the world. The company aims to adopt a two pronged approach for the new set-ups; while the Japanese and Korean facilities will develop IPs targeted to local consumers, they will in future also be responsible for R&D of multi-player mobile games for the western markets.

Acquisition in Japan: In Tokyo, Japan, Reliance Big Entertainment Pvt. Ltd has through its subsidiary Reliance Big Entertainment Japan Co. Ltd. fully acquired the gaming division of Funnel Japan along with its team and all the IPs under development and has created Reliance Games Japan. The company in Japan will be responsible for development & publishing of games for the local market.

Acquisition in Korea: In Busan, Korea, Reliance Big Entertainment Japan Co. Ltd has bought a majority stake of 51% in the gaming studio Bluesom Inc. As a part of the deal, the company has also acquired a few IPs.

Reliance Games will be launching 3 games in the ‘social card game’ and ‘real time strategy game’ categories, on feature phones and smart devices in the next 3 quarters in Japan and Korea.  Apart from these new games Reliance Games will also be launching its Hollywood IP based games localized for these markets.

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