Mobile Numbers Starting with ‘8’are in – Reliance launches 8010 series in NCR

India has exhausted mobile numbers starting with ‘9’.

India’s mobile growth story has remained intact, and the biggest testimonial to this is exhaustion of mobile numbers starting with ‘9’ (took 15 years)

Reliance has launched GSM numbers starting with ‘8’ (series numbers of ‘8010xxxxxx’) that will be available in NCR/Delhi region – the company has also applied for approval in Mahrashtra and Goa (source)

Earlier DoT moved ‘95?, which was reserved for Landline numbers to cellular operators; and is now instructing operators to use 8 (our earlier story).

This will surely open up new opportunities for Reliance (and other operators) to make money by auctioning ’special’ numbers (sometimes it can fetch as much as Rs 15 lakh!)

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