Reliance invests in US based Social Networking Portal,

Reliance Technology Ventures Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ADAG’s Reliance Capital has invested (undisclosed amount) in Pelago, a US based portal that launched whrrl, social networking site.whrrl_logo

Whrrl is a mobile centric socionet product that enables one to ask free form question to one’s network (for e.g. “Where should we go for dinner tonight?”) and taps on friend’s knowledge of the real world.

In short, it’s a combination of yelp and twitter within your friendly network.

Will Reliance bring whrrl to India (i.e. integrate with BigAdda)?

Not too sure, but we do have one startup that is providing a similar service, i.e. relying on one’s social network/contacts for free format questions –

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