Reliance kick starts it’s BigAdda ad campaign


Reliance kick starts it’s BigAdda ad campaign

Came across this contextual ad on my blog.

Interestingly, apart from the logo polls, Reliance is also asking users to vote for the layouts. [I like option 3 & 4..what about you?]

From the looks of it, BigAdda is definitely a lot more than being *just another* social network [rich video and music sharing site?].

And most importantly, it seems one can customize the layouts too! Now that’s something I would personally love to do [IndyaRocks! are you listening?]

All said and done, I am really impressed with Reliance’s strategy . You first generate an interest, give away fodders to bloggers; who in turn market your product & generate enough interest among the user base.
Otherwise, how do you explain 42,000+ votes, for the logos alone? Especially for a product which hasn’t been marketed in the regular media?

Icing on the cake would be alpha invites to selected individuals [and bloggers] to test ride the product. Hopefully, bloggers will go gaga over BigAdda and that will create an unfair interest among other users [deja vu of Gmail’s invite strategy?].

This strategy will ensure that Reliance need not worry about the seed data, which is a big concern for any new social network!

Also, look at how effectively they are engaging with the community. Unlike other products which go online and have no user base, these guys are giving away tidbits of their features, asking for feedbacks and that generates *a goodwill/a feeling* that they are listening to the end users!

Very interesting! What do you guys say?

Also, check out Reliance’s BIG plans!!

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