Reliance NetConnect – Simple Mistake Can Hurt


Reliance NetConnect – Simple Mistake Can Hurt

If you are on Reliance Netconnect USB data card, this post is for you and the billing mistakes that I encountered with my Reliance Netconnect data card.

To cut the long story short, my observation tells me that Reliance Netconnect deducts the about-to-be downloaded data the moment download begins.

For instance, I started download from and immediately noticed a deduction of ~200MB in my account. For some reason, the download failed and I restarted the download.

Again a deduction of ~200 MB!

Stupid as it may sound, it seems Reliance Netconnect deducts the file size worth of data transfer for heavy downloads – the moment download starts.

Right or Wrong? We all know the answer.

Has anybody experienced similar issues?

I strongly hope that all of such mistakes will change with BSNL’s USB datacard launch which is providing data transfer at a far lower price point.

But till then, keep an eye on your bill (telecom operators are known to inflate the bill, as well as subscription numbers).

PS: This post is slightly offtopic, but one can’t help writing about such issues when we all are talking about 3G, Connected world et al when operators haven’t even got the basic mathematics right.

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