Relive Your Social Networking Memories with These Tools

Foursquare and Twitter have released tools which help you relive your time on the sites with customization video montages.

Well let’s face it. If you spend a lot of time online the likelihood of being present on one or more social network is high. And apart from seeing what others are doing and posting, we also post a lot of things. This makes social network a treasure trove of personal information. While most of the data sits idle and one would see just what is posted in the past few hours, social networks like Twitter and Foursquare have come up with innovative ways for you to feel nostalgic and take a trip back in the past and relive your best memories. While there were a lot of third party tools that use to do similar functions, it is good to see the sites themselves release the tools or at least tie up officially with another company.

We found both the Twitter and Foursquare tools, which were released in the last 24 hours, highly entertaining and recommend you give it a try.

Twitter Teams up with Vizify to Help You Create an Instant Trailer Bio


The new #FollowMe tool by Vizify creates a short video biography automatically using data from your Twitter account, using info from a user’s Twitter bio and analyzes things like top tweets, photos, Vine videos and the number of followers someone has to create the personalized bio. It is also capable of showing you the times you tweet most frequently and the people you interact with it the most.

Vizify has teamed up with Friendly Music, to help you add music to your videos. There are approximately 30 tracks you can pick from. This just makes the videos more enjoyable.

The whole process is automated. Once one allows Vizify to access your Twitter account, the video is created. After it is done one can either add or remove content to it. The videos are approximately 30 seconds.

After the video is created, you can tweet it to your followers. Unfortunately there is no way to easily embedded the videos on a website.

Twitter had recently rolled out an archive feature, which let you download and go through all your tweets.

You can create your own Twitter Video Bio here.

Retrace Your Steps With Foursquare’s Time Machine


While Foursquare may not have the number of users like Facebook or Twitter, it has got tons of users who check in to every place they visit. The Time Machine from Foursquare is one of the best visualization tools we have ever seen.

Once one visits the Time Machine site, one begins a magical journey. You’ll be taken back in time and start with your very first check in. From there, you can click through all your check-ins one by one, or press play to view a time-lapse sequence of the places you went. All this comes with a musical score in the background.

The tool has been created in partnership with Samsung, so you will see a whole lot of branding for the Galaxy S 4 and there is a section named after Samsung’s “next big thing” slogan, that offers up ideas for places Foursquare thinks you might like to visit next, based on your last check ins.

You can also get a custom infographic of all the places you’ve been, and stats about your visits that can  share with your Facebook and Twitter friends.    This tool is better if you have checked in hundreds of places and might be boring if you have just a couple of check ins.

Foursquare also announced on its blog that it has now seen over 4 billion check ins.

Facebook Did It Last Year

While the Twitter and Foursquare tools are brand new, Facebook which is the biggest social network had had a similar feature for some time now. Early last year, it had launched a tool in partnership with Definition 6 that converts your Facebook Timeline into a fast-paced movie. With just a click of a button, it created a short movies of all your memories on Facebook. Unfortunately this tool is not available anymore.

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