Renault Racing becomes the first Formula One team to establish a data-science department.

Formula One racing is the most egotistical sport. Defined by strong individuals. It becomes difficult to take decisions, unless the ‘petrolheads’ are convinced.

Renault has partnered with Microsoft since 2012. The company provides the racing team with crucial software and cloud computing services. It has also started the ‘data science department’ and is the first team in sports to establish such a faculty.

At Renault’s UK factory, over 60 terabytes of data are generated each week by a group of supercomputers used to simulate races.

According to the team, it produces 1.5 billion race strategy simulations per season, and over 90,000 simulated outcomes per lap each weekend. “You have to make the most of the data, making sure you have proper modelling and simulation, optimisation and capacity (via).

It would help in changing the strategy and winning, but the new data-science department at Renault would also bring a lot of credibility to ‘data’ itself.

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